Meet our Team

Andrew Managing Director

Andrew is the founder of Pierrot. Prior to this, a lesser known fact is that he was a professional speedway rider in the 1980’s. Luckily a decade of riding round and round in circles didn’t cause any long term damage! After more than a quarter of a century in the design business he is as energetic and enthusiastic as ever and will do anything to make sure our clients are happy.

Mark Bloomfield

Mark Bloomfield is one of the founders of Pierrot, Mark prides himself on running a tight ship and is often floating around the studio keeping spirits high. He’s passionate about shirts and shoes and if you need a job printed NOW then there is no one better!


Whether you need fresh and original conceptual thinking or a series of short films, James is your man. At weekends he can be found tinkering with his classic car or kite surfing somewhere off the south coast near his beloved Isle of Wight.

Mark Key

Mark Key is a light hearted soul, he’s larger than life and can often be heard chatting to potential clients on the phone. As renowned for his practical jokes as he is for his job, he will jump in his car and drive anywhere to ensure a client gets what they need.